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How to choose a fitness equipment

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To pick a good fitness equipment to be four steps:
  First, the explicit use of the effect of multi-functional fitness products. Should have twelve kinds of functional products, If you want to exercise the arm muscles on the election Bili, want to exercise waist and abdomen and legs on the election Rider or abdominal wheel. As want to systemic, comprehensive training, in addition to choose to go to a professional gym, outdoor exercise equipment can assist law.
  Next, consider the living environment and living conditions. Family atmosphere and a suitable living conditions of the equipment, will improve the quality of life. In general, single-function small fitness area, some features are more of fitness for use at home, some features due to space constraints, and can not really play a role; and if the area is too large, each use you need to install or move, will greatly reduce the fitness of enthusiasm.
  Third, the price is moderate. Do not blindly worship foreign products, domestic production of the product, the price is relatively low, more types of these products feature is also fully meet the needs of the exercise, and because adding some elements of localization, some features of the fitness equipment but also abroad lacking.
  Fourth, pay attention to after-sales service. When purchasing fitness also like to buy other products, do not ignore the problem of after-sales service, especially parts more fitness, but also to ask the service of specific measures, the foreign products must ask whether there is maintenance.

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